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Mental Health Services

Counseling You Can Trust!

Personal problems do not punch out when people punch in, right? Life doesn’t operate in a vacuum and whatever issues we’re facing at home follow us right onto the shop floor, corporate conference room, school and the community.


People Check Services recognizes this reality and appreciates how much life stressors can end up disrupting a company’s crucial operations: absenteeism, shoddy product, accidents, turnover, employee conflicts, and poor team morale. Also, as employees may be reluctant to tell management about their personal issues, things only get worse and management, often suspecting “something’s up”, is left wondering: what else can we do to help? I really don’t want to fire them…

Therapy Session

 Mental Health Component

People Check is proud to offer mental health resources.  We realize not every individual is the same, nor our needs.  People Check offers Mental Health resources that cater to your specific need.


Mental Health sessions specializing in:

  • Individual Counseling 

  • Work Place Needs/Disruptions

  • Drug/Alcohol Counseling

  • Drug/Alcohol Assessments (DOT & Non) 

  • Company Assistance Program (CAP)   

These services are "Self-Pay". We strive to provide self pay services at much lower rates than national averages, while putting you in the driver seat for cost effective options. Stop waiting, and get the assistance you need NOW!  


Our premier Mental Health Provider: Margie Roop, LPCC-S; CEAP; SAP has been providing Employee Assistance Program services (EAP) for 20+ years. As a thorough clinical counseling professional, Margie has seen 1000's of individuals within the EAP setting, many mandated for behaviors that could have resulted in termination from employment. Margie applies her skills by providing a comprehensive assessment, recommendations, and short-term counseling (or refer for treatment as in the case of substance abuse issues). In all cases, appropriate releases of information will be signed, the employer/individual will be notified of the employee’s attendance, recommendations, and cooperation in the process. Employees/Individuals will return to work & life in a much better place, and the benefit of consulting with Margie to assure success!

Alongside "Employer Services" Margie provides "SELF PAY" counseling services & Drug & Alcohol Assessments. (DOT & NON-DOT)  Even with a referral to private practice, appointment availability can leave one waiting weeks to be seen.  People Check offers great flexibility and immediate appointment times.  STOP WAITING to obtain the immediate assistance you need!  Underlying issues can manifest if they are not addressed in a timely manner.   Depending on deductible costs with insurance, clients often find "SELF PAY" options more cost-friendly.  You have options!

**All Mental Health Services are provided by Margie Roop, LLC which is a Partner of People Check LLC.  Though People Check provides necessary resources, we encourage all businesses and individuals to select services that will suit their mental health needs best.**

**Ask Margie about "Virtual & Phone" services that are available **

Contact People Check Services at:  234-718-3008
for rates and to schedule your visit.
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