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Your One-Stop Shop

Trust People Check.

We Check That.

It is the goal of People Check to provide a "One Stop Shop" service location that will support your business or individual needs, while providing a professional atmosphere that is welcoming and safe.

We are more than just another business, but part of your team, your family, growing and developing successful employees/candidates through efficient and thorough screening/training methods, while meeting state and federal certification requirements. 


People Check, LLC., was established with the goal of providing businesses and individuals with necessary Occupational Health & Compliance services. Working side by side with clients to minimize liabilities in the workplace. As demand increases for safety, compliance, and health our focus has been to provide all the necessary services under one roof in a responsible, ethical, and professional way. It is our mission to aid our clients by assuring their most valuable investments are being protected.  We look forward to being on this road to success with each of you!

Meet Our Professional Team


Melissa McCoy

People Check LLC Owner, APRN, CNP

Eric McCoy

Eric McCoy

People Check LLC Owner, CFO

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Forsyth.png

Kevin J. Forsyth, MD


Medical Director/Consultant

Cathy Ferrell PCS headshot image.jpg

Cathy Ferrell

Director of Business Development,


Dawn Rich.png

Dawn Rich

Office Manager

Ingrid Fisher.png

Ingrid Fisher, R.T. (R)

Registered Radiologic Technologist


Aidan McCoy

Medical Assistant

Brittany R. 2.png

Brittany Richardson

Medical Assistant


People Check


Brooke W. 2.png

Abriana Dolan

Medical & Administrative Assistant

Margie R.png

Margie Roop

People Check's Premier Substance Abuse Professional



Check That

Melissa McCoy APRN, CNP


Nurse Practitioner / Owner

Melissa McCoy is one of the partners of People Check LLC and serves as the Nurse Practitioner for the business. Melissa has been working in the health care field in diverse roles for the past 12 years.  Melissa graduated with honors with a master’s degree in nursing from the Family Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Cincinnati in 2016. In addition to her MSN, she also holds bachelor’s degrees in nursing and psychology from Kent State University. During her time in the medical field, her experience has been diverse, and she has experience caring for patients ranging in age from premature newborns to senior citizens.  She has always taken great pride in providing care for others, and her vast experience in the medical field will help foster responsible medical care delivery while allowing for a more personal approach.  Melissa values lifelong learning and continues to pursue further education to work toward a goal of incorporating holistic medical services into People Check’s services. 


Outside of the medical world, Melissa enjoys spending time with family and traveling to new places.  From near to far destinations, she loves taking in the scenery and making memories.  When she is not traveling, you can find her enjoying her medical mystery and true crime documentaries.  It is her key attention to detail and her investigative mindset that allows her to solve the mystery prior to the show’s ending.  She is excited to be a business owner and looks forward to expanding medical services in the future. 


Eric McCoy


CFO / Owner

Eric McCoy, a business graduate from Kent State University, is the CFO and one of the partners of People Check LLC.  Eric has served in business and finance for the past 26 years and has worked in multiple managerial roles that focused on profitability, business development, and company growth. He is looking to apply the same business tenacity to the development of People Check while providing top-notch customer service to businesses and individuals. Eric’s business success has come from his fundamental approach of simply executing the basics while utilizing an out of the box mindset. 


While Eric loves finding success in the office, he also seeks success behind the drum.  Eric is a professional drummer in the art of Scottish drumming.  His drumming has taken him to different parts of the globe to compete with and against individuals whom he refers to as “unbelievably talented musicians”. From solo playing to band competitions, his drumming has continued to open doors for him since the age of 6. His passion for music and execution has bled over to his professional and family life, enabling him to find great success and happiness.


Dr. Forsyth1.png


Medical Director/Consultant

Dr. Forsyth has been the sole owner and medical director of Harmony Healthworks Inc, Occupational and Preventive Medical Center since 1999. His medical training includes Internal Medicine, Sports Medicine, Occupational Medicine, and a Master's degree in Public Health. His mission over the past 24 years has been to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to take care of the health care needs of small businesses and large corporations in the surrounding community, and his efforts have expanded his reach into all of northeast Ohio and 4 surrounding states.


Medical services have included drug/alcohol screening, employment exams, biological monitoring, physical therapy, massotherapy, Xrays, work injury treatment, acupuncture, and homeopathy. This blended approach of comprehensive services under one roof has provided the best care to the employees of corporations and clients to whom he will always be dedicated.


With the recent merger between Harmony Healthworks Inc and People Check LLC, Dr. Forsyth will continue his mission in the role of the medical director, collaborator, and consultant to People Check Occupational Health, at the same clinic location in Barberton, Ohio. He will continue to provide the concierge service and special attention to all clients and their employees because when you love what you do, that commitment never goes away.


Cathy Ferrell PCS headshot image.jpg


Director of Business Development

Cathy Ferrell, Director of Business Development, started her career as a Medical Assistant in 1997 and then went on to further her education by obtaining her nursing degree.  She graduated from Stark State College with an associate degree (ADN) then attended Walsh University and obtained her bachelor’s degree (BSN).  She has spent the majority of her career in the Occupational Health field but has also worked in infertility and long-term care focused on Alzheimer/Dementia patients.

Cathy is a Certified Occupational Health Nurse and Case Manager and is passionate about providing and facilitating excellent patient care and experiences with every interaction.  She has worked in administration and management positions since 2007 and was most recently employed as the System Director of a local hospital for the past six years.  She is a dedicated leader who practices compassionate care in all encounters and a motivated team builder focused on driving team collaboration.

Her goal is to develop strong, collaborative relationships between People Check and local employers and create long-lasting partnerships in the community. She enjoys working with employer representatives and developing a plan to meet their individual needs as no plan is one size fits all.

When off work, Cathy looks forward to traveling, vacationing, camping, and attending county music concerts with her family and friends.  She loves spending time with her hubby (and high school sweetheart), her two sons, and four grandchildren.  She is passionate about ending the stigma of addiction and volunteers for Hope United and works as a Real Estate Agent.


Dawn Rich.png


Office Manager

Dawn, Office Manager of 20+ years has been instrumental in the success of Harmony Healthworks, now known as People Check Occupational Health.  She claims her success is a direct result of the medical staff that supports her, and the daily duties in the office.  Her devotion to clients and patient care is second to none.  During her tenure she has played a large role in maintaining company compliance for many different industries and organizations. Realizing company needs change from client to client, Dawn focuses on catering to the specific compliance needs which has allowed for strong business relationships throughout the years.  If asked, Dawn will confirm it is these established relationships that keep her going.


During her time away from the office, Dawn enjoys family time and is interested in the advancement of medical science which she enjoys researching.  We are pleased to have Dawn on Board overseeing People Check Occupational which will allow our clients to continue to receive top notch service. 


Ingrid Fisher.png


Registered Radiologic Technologist

Ingrid Fisher has been a Registered Radiologic Technologist for 35+ years. Her prior career experience includes working in hospitals, diagnostic out-patient clinics, and orthopedic specialty settings.

In her free time, Ingrid shares hobbies with her husband, which include canoeing, snorkeling, and target shooting. They both enjoy spending time with family and friends. 

We are excited to have Ingrid part of the People Check family and look forward to watching her grow!




Medical Assistant, EMT, CPR/First Aid Instructor

Aidan is currently a student at Kent State University as a Neuroscience/Pre-med Major. To add to his scholastic accolades, he is a recent graduate from Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program at Stark State College. 

Aidan is also one of our certified CPR/First Aid instructors through the American Heart Association at People Check. Aidan has many business interests from Real-estate, Financial Investing, and Entrepreneurial ventures.

We look forward to watching him grow as a Medical Assistant and pursuing his career. We are excited to have him as part of our team.


Brittany R. 2.png


Medical Assistant

Brittany Richardson, Medical Assistant, servicing the medical field for 10+ years brings excellent value to People Check Services. Her vivacious personality allows clients to feel welcomed as she offers excellent customer experiences to all she assists. Her diverse medical experience enables her to provide personalized care. Phlebotomy, Podiatry, and Chiropractic are just a few areas she has excelled in 

during her career.

Away from the office, Brittany focuses on her time with the family. Whether it is game night, biking, or arts/crafts, she is a hands-on family individual. Brittany is an avid TV watcher and possesses a phenomenal range of movie and tv quotes. "That's what she said." She finds great joy in spending time with her daughter and husband. She looks forward to growing with People Check, and we are honored to have her as part of our team.


Brooke W. 2.png


Medical & Administrative Assistant

People Check welcomes Abriana as our new Administrative Medical Assistant. Abriana brings a rich history of multi team managerial experience from fast paced client service settings. She has a driven passion for delivering excellent guest experiences, while going the extra mile to assure clients leave happy and needs are met correctly.

Outside of the office, Abriana enjoys spending time with her family, especially her new son. She also has three cats named after each of the Powerpuff Girls. She is very excited to work on her personal development as a member of the People Check family!


Margie R.png


Premier SAP Professional

Margie Roop has an impressive 20 + year history consisting of managerial leadership in the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) field.

Margie is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervisory Endorsement, a Certified Employee Assistance Professional, and a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) under 49 CFR, Part 40 of the U.S. Department of Transportation Rules.

Margie has been onsite at over 500 companies throughout OH, PA, IL, AR, NY, and TX where she has provided trainings on multiple topics, including A Respectful Workplace, Reasonable Suspicion, Stress Management, and Dealing with Difficult People as examples. She has also provided Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (CISD), Live Webcasts, and Management Consultations. Margie has also spoken to many audiences specifically about substance abuse in the workplace. She has authored nearly 60 articles on LinkedIn. Always reachable by phone, Margie welcomes calls to assist managers dealing with perplexing employee issues. Margie resides in Barberton, OH.

Margie is People Checks' Premier SAP Referral Source and will be offering assessments out of the People Check Compliance location. (Suite D)

Contact Margie at: (330) 419-3416



Melissa McCoy

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Eric McCoy


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Brittany Richardson
Abriana Dolan
Margie Roop
Kevin J. Forsyth
Cathy Ferrell
Dawn Rich
Ingrid Fisher
Aidan McCoy

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