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Screening Lab Services &

Weight Loss Assistance



The Full Story

As we encounter insurance premiums growing and deductibles becoming higher, many people go without necessary medical assistance. Typically, self-care is placed on the backburner as the financial cost is often more than what one can afford. Our goal with People Check Wellness is to offer necessary screening lab services, allowing clients to identify potentially underlying conditions so they may address identified issues with Primary Care at a fraction of the costs, without sacrificing great service. Many find "Self-Pay" services being as competitive or less expensive than what would be available after insurance premiums and deductibles are paid. When alternative options are available it places you in the driver's seat and determines the best financial direction for your needs.


Screening Lab Services (Self-Pay)

Many clients utilize "Self-Pay" Screening Services. 

Screening Lab Services allow you and your Primary Care to work directly together to keep a watchful eye on underlying health concerns, or to potentially discover underlying health concerns. These services are not for care, treatment, or follow-up purposes. They simply allow you to put your mind at ease while identifying potential health concerns in a fast, professional, and affordable fashion.

People Check provides the following Screening Services at a fraction of the cost:

  • Blood Draws - (most popular)

  • Kidney Check - Function

  • Liver Check-Function

  • PSA/Prostate - Function

  • Iron Levels

  • Cholesterol Levels

  • A1C - Diabetic Levels

  • Complete Blood Count

  • Electrocardiogram (EKG) - Cardiovascular Function

  • Hearing/Audio Check

  • Blood pressure check

  • Bring in your Physician order, if one is available 

  • Many other panels available. Call to discuss your need

Customized to Your Needs

People Check assists many clients obtain necessary screenings to meet Life & Medical Insurance eligibility. Some underlying medical conditions require periodic screenings to maintain coverage.  Whether it is for Insurance needs, personal interest, or Medical needs, we have you covered!


With each Screening Lab Service, you can select one service, or package a variety together based on your needs. As results become available, they will be reviewed by People Check and a Medical Review Write-Up outlining the results, and recommendations will be presented. All Screening Services will be available by appointment only.

While Screening Lab Services can assist in identifying underlying conditions, it is always encouraged for regular Primary Care visits to discuss and follow your medical health and/or concerns.

Patient on Scale

Weight Loss Assistance (Self-Pay)

Take Control of Your Health &

Aim for Long-Term Results

As we see a person's weight be a catalyst for many underlying health conditions, we understand the importance of medical intervention to help bolster and support a healthier lifestyle, while focusing on reducing current or long-term health complications. Weight loss is not always an easy road, and at times requires additional assistance. People Check Wellness is happy to announce a Medical Assisted Weight Loss option. Through this option, our clients can tackle their weight loss goals while not breaking the bank. It is our goal to provide a medical service that would be affordable, and specialized, to your needs. 

People Check Weight Loss Assistance begins with:

  • Medical Consult

  • Vital(s) Check

  • Bloodwork

  • Monthly Follow-Up

This option can be utilized for short or long-term weight loss goals. It is important to know results can, and will, vary by individual. Coupled with medical assistance, regular & healthy exercise is strongly encouraged, followed by eating adjustments to assure longer-term success. People Check and products can not confirm all results will be accomplished. It starts with you!

While People Check is happy to offer these "Self-Pay" services, we always recommend clients to select and obtain services that will suit your needs medically and financially. All Screening results should be discussed with your Primary Care, and all Weight Loss Assistance should be followed to allow for optimal weight loss opportunity. 

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