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Drug-Free Workplace
& Company Assistance Program

Finding Inspiration in Every Person

Many companies, small and large, participate in “Drug-Free Workplace” programs & "CAP".  These programs are in place to minimize unnecessary liabilities that are driven by substance abuse.  Statistics show that a well-written and established policy can minimize injuries for workers, customers, and the community the business serves.

Advantages of adopting or strengthening a
Drug-Free Workplace Program & CAP

  • Improved Productivity

  • Creating Safer Workplaces

  • Attracting Higher Quality Candidates

  • Workers Compensation Insurance Incentives (Discounts)

You Will Need:­­

  • Written Policy

  • Employer Education

  • Supervision Training

  • Substance Abuse Provider (SAP)

  • Drug Testing

Drug Testing, Educational Services, Policy Writing, and more may be eligible as a reimbursed expense through the Ohio BWC Program. Visit the following links to learn more through Ohio BWC.

















People Check Services is a certified Drug Collection Facility for DOT & BWC needs, assisting many companies, small and large, with testing and managing Random Consortium Pools, supporting your Drug-Free Workplace testing needs.


A Drug-Free Workplace Program can be complex requiring additional help and/or support, therefore, we partner with reputable organizations to assist you with answering questions, offering guidance, and providing the remaining services to meet all the requirements of the program. 


Please visit our business partner at to discuss your Drug-Free Workplace Program needs.


**Though People Check provides necessary resources through business partnerships, we encourage all businesses and individuals to select services and organizations that will suit their Drug-Free Workplace needs best.


As we have discovered with baking, when we use the “right” ingredients, our result can be something we’re proud of.  Handling Mental Health & Substance Abuse issues in the workplace should not be any different!  Are you using the “right” ingredients?  Are you using the right recipe for employee success?


Company Assistance Program (CAP) succeeds where many other programs fail.  The CAP program is the to go to resource when dealing with compliance/safety issues pertaining to Mental Health/Substance Abuse.  It picks up where more costly EAPs do not specifically focus. A catered program that works directly with Human Resources and Executive Management to assure a safe work place with necessary resources & tools.


A CAP foundation relies on 5 main components:

  • Mental Health/ Substance Abuse Evaluations

  • MRO (Medical Review Officer) which identifies and confirms the substance quantitative values/levels medically.

  • Education/Necessary Treatment

  • Follow-up Drug/Alcohol Collections

  • Follow-up resources/support for both employee and employer

When all 5 of these components are working together, there is a greater chance of employee success.  Neither the employee nor employer can afford delays in this process, therefore “The Roop Group” works directly with People Check to provide the necessary CAP resources to quickly identify and implement a plan of action that will allow for long-term success for the employee.  These issues run deep; a simple band aid will not suffice!

The Roop Group & People Check provide an all-inclusive servicing experience.  Many companies/organizations choose this, us, as our focus is on the employee and minimizing company liabilities.  Just as an attorney is kept on retainer, you have the same ability with CAP or pay as you go when you need the service.  Dealing with these issues can be rather costly, allow this one-stop-shop servicing capability to save you time, and money!

Contact Margie Roop to discuss how the CAP can help keep you and your employees drug free & safe!


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