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Sport Physicals

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As we see injuries on and off the field it is vital that we do our due diligence to protect the health and safety of our young athletes. Many organizations, including Ohio Athletic Association, require a comprehensive sports physical to assure there are no potential underlying medical conditions that could place an athlete in harm's way during sports play.

People Check Services has assisted many young athletes from youth programs, through high school. These services allow school districts and sports organizations to meet compliance and safety needs.

What you need to know:

  • Most Sports Physicals are NOT covered by insurance unless you can manage to align it with your annual wellness visit with your child's Primary Care facility.

  • Most Primary Care facilities are backlogged with other patients resulting in long delays for Sports Physical appointments.

  • Most parents find themselves using Urgent Care / STAT Cares which treat sick patients resulting in placing their healthy child in a facility with sick individuals.

  • When you elect to use a facility other than your Primary Care for your child's needs, they do not possess medical records, therefore, it is important to fill out your child's Sports Medical Forms completely including all health factors, surgeries, a health history that could potentially lead to sports injuries.

  • Some athletes may require an EKG (Electrocardiography) assessment of their heart if he/she has been exposed to Covid19 with moderate to severe symptoms. Please discuss this with your Medical Care Provider.

  • Completing your Sports Medical Forms can assist in speeding up your child's appointment.

  • You as a parent/patient are in the driver's seat when it comes to SELF-PAY services. This allows you to seek professional services that will not break the bank, and meet your needs in a timely fashion, in a professional and safe environment.

Doctor with Patients

People Check Servies typically provides SAME DAY exam options, when available. These services are by appointment. Please contact People Check Occupational at 

# 330-848-9104

to schedule your athlete's exam today. (Mon-Thurs)

Our Sports Physical Exam meets all requirements for the State of Ohio, Ohio School Districts, and the Ohio Athletic Association.

Playing Tennis

While we would like to opportunity to assist your athlete with their Sports Physical needs, we encourage all individuals to utilize services that will meet your child's medical needs best. 

These services are not for medical care, treatment, or follow-up purposes.

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