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As we see accidents increase in the workplace, it is vital to

assure health and safety is at the forefront of business and individuals. Many health risks can be minimized by providing, requiring, pre-employment physicals, fit tests, return to duty examinations. Many industries have specific health compliance measures that need to be met to maintain the safety of employees.  At People Check Services we provide a wide range of medical services for your business or individual needs.

People Check provides the following Occupational Health services:


  • DOT- Physical Examinations

  • Fire Fighter/Police Physical Examinations

  • Pre-Employment- Physical Examinations

  • Bus Driver- Physical Examinations

  • Fit for Duty- Physical Examinations

  • Return to Work- Physical Examinations

  • Sports Physical Examinations

  • Work Permit Physical Examinations

  • Vaccination/Injection Services

  • TB Mantoux testing Services

  • Blood Laboratory Services

  • Hearing Services

  • Vision Services

  • EKG/Stress Services

  • Spirometry/ Pulmonology Services

  • Respirator Fit Test Services

  • X-Ray Services

  • Over 23 years of Occupational Health Servicing


**Due to the wide range of Occupational Health services we provide, we do not list all services on our website.  We ask that you contact the office to learn more about the additional services available for your needs, and pricing. Services can be packaged together for ease of service and billing.**


**All Occupational Health services are provided by appointment time to assure you receive the proper attention for your needs. "Same Day-Walk in Service" may be available with certain services, please contact our professional medical staff to discuss your specific needs.

**Associated Laboratories:  Quest, Lab Corp, Lab Care, CRL

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